As children, we all read the classic fairytales, believed in magic, and dreamt of becoming royalty. As we grow up and reality sets in, we begin to doubt our chances of finding our happily ever after.


Challenges may arise within our health, relationships, or other circumstances that we have no control over. These adversities may leave us doubting our own chances of finding that happy ending. Our project aims to provide young adults with strong role models who demonstrate that happiness is achievable no matter what obstacles life presents.

Finding Your Fairytale showcases inspirational individuals who have overcome significant adversity, including mental illness, chronic disease, and traumatic life circumstances. What started as a calendar photo shoot quickly turned into a behind-the-scenes documentary, as Finding Your Fairytale follows each person's shared story of transformation as they portray a relatable fairy tale character. These whimsical images symbolize their own personal story of struggle and success.

The prince and princesses in our story are fighting battles much more realistic than an evil queen or a vicious dragon. Instead, they tell real-life tales about overcoming present day issues that plague many in our society. Finding Your Fairytale aims to inspire others to continue writing their stories, to keep fighting their battles, and to believe that happily ever after is not only attainable, but well deserved.


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