Hi, I'm Chris Moehr, Photographer for the Finding Your Fairytale Project.

When Angie approached me with this idea, I could see and feel her passion for it. As someone with what I consider a minor disability (I've been an insulin dependent diabetic since I was six years old), I know how life's obstacles can loom large in a person's goals. What I loved about this concept was how we decided to show the winning side of these struggles, and not just showing their exsistence. Everyone involved has a real, personal story, so it's the emotion and experience driving the art.

In my house, I have a sign on the wall by the front door that says "It's never too late to find your happily ever after". It's the kind of optimisim that I only started believing a few short years ago. I've reinvented myself and my goals, stopped putting so much concern in what others see and judge in my choices, and found the peace to reflect on some of my own choices. My happily ever after started with this freeing idea of owning my choices, needs, and happiness. 

Art can be a healing power and a tool for spreading ideas. I hope this project can do both.