Prince Charming


Blake, as Prince Charming, grew up with the assumption that he must marry a princess in order to find his happily ever after, but he believes that true love, regardless of gender, is the key.

"Everyone needs to love and be loved. I deserve to find a Prince or Princess to help complete my fairytale…

Growing up in a small, blue collar town I was raised to have a good work ethic and love God. In my younger years I thought I was just a regular kid. In middle school I had typical adolescent crushes but when I got to high school I slowly started noticing some changes. I realized I was attracted to both males and females. I struggled with this because as a confirmed Catholic I was fighting an internal battle of who I am supposed to be versus who I really am. After I first received the strong support from my friends I was able to muster up some courage to tell my family. I now know that it is okay to be me. I can see the beauty in everybody. I feel entirely blessed to be a part of this project because I want to share with other boys, girls, men, and women in the LGBT community that you are loved. You are not a mistake." -Blake