My name is Damien Blue and I am happy to announce my role as videographer and editor of the Finding Your Fairytale short documentary. I grew up with a love for photography and my love eventually graduated into filmmaking in 2011. For the past four years, I have been immersing myself in as much of the filmmaking world as possible, shooting a variety of subject matter. I have a strong hand at music video directing and have recently won the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee ‘2015 Music Video of the Year’ award. Documentary filmmaking has always attracted and inspired my creative eye and I plan to utilize all the filmmaking abilities that I acquired through extensive short film and music video production and look forward to creating a documentary about the Finding Your Fairytale project that is both touching and cinematic. My goal is for this documentary to be viewed and regarded not only as a learning experience, but also as inspiration for any and all who are fighting and conquering life’s personal battles.