Alice in Wonderland


Erica as Alice in Wonderland fell down the rabbit hole of heroin addiction, but has since crawled back out and left the chaos of Wonderland behind. She has awoken from the nightmare and is 8 years clean.


"I developed a love for opiates at a young age. They were responsible for my high school expulsion, and in my adult years, would be responsible for even more damage. The habit I formed began with popping pills and transformed into intravenous hell on earth. Hustling became a way of life in order to sustain this monster that had become my only reason for living. Feeding my heroin addiction cost me a lot. It cost me my ability to maintain a relationship with my family and friends, the ability to maintain a job, a clean criminal record, and so much more. 

Eight years ago I had a revelation that I could take back the control. I realized that it was time to stop feeding the addiction and let this monster die. I checked myself into rehab and put in work. The option to fall back into the addiction was always there and would have been much easier, but I knew that the rewards of sobriety were worth so much more.

Since my turning point, I have accomplished more than that addict ten years ago could have ever dreamed of. I will not stop. I am way too strong and my dreams are way too big to give up now. My fairytale is far from over." -Erica