Beauty and the Beast


Introducing Patti Anne, our Beauty who suffered at the hands of a beast, representing sexual assault survivors and demonstrating that a rose that has been harmed is still just as beautiful.

She writes, "Growing up very Catholic in a small town, my plan and goal was always to 'save myself' for marriage. That plan was changed without my permission by a dear college friend's boyfriend. After being physically threatened, I left college and again had the decision of sharing myself stripped away by a trusted married co worker that I thought was my friend.

I assumed that both instances happened because of something I said or did. I thought that I had somehow broken the vows and beliefs of the Catholic church I grew up in and loved. I was ashamed, embarrassed and broken.

Through the years I've learned this was not my fault and I've again found my voice. It's still not always easy to talk about, but I've embraced the beast and found the good. I've reclaimed the rose, albeit imperfect, that is perfectly me.

As for why I chose to be a part of this amazing project: I still struggle with memories and guilt despite therapy and wonderful friends. This project can speak for those who are not ready to use their own voice just yet. It unifies all of us in our daily struggles and successes while actively finding our fairytale." -Patti Anne