Snow White


As Tammy's story unfolded there were many twists and turns BUT her loving care for her seven dwarfs was greater than all others and should not be underestimated as a path was found to extend herself to advocate for all children with disabilities.

"I am the voice for all of those with different abilities & their caregivers. For some a life long journey, for others it is thrust upon them due to accidents, injuries, or disease. Processing the mourning of future hopes and dreams that will now never come true & bracing yourself for the uncharted journey that lies ahead. I am here to represent the light, hope & inspiration. I draw strength from being a proud mother of 4, entrepreneur, philanthropist & lover of Jesus.

My 3rd child (now young adult) was born with a brain injury and significant other lifelong medical issues. I educate myself as each new obstacle arises and I relentlessly advocate for the best possible results.

Life can seem like a storm at times; as a young mother I struggled to find answers for my son, working several jobs to support our family, and learning what our new life looked like. However, after every storm the sun comes out. I never lost faith in God as He has given me strength, a true purpose, and a greater awareness of others.

Through the years and some hard lessons, I found that to take care of others, you really need to take care of yourself." -Tammy