Snow Queen


Wendy, as The Snow Queen, struggled to see the positives in her own powers, resulting in a life of isolation and darkness. She has since rekindled the light inside her and broken free from the binding chains of depression.

"It is invisible and does not discriminate. There is no cure. It’s powerful grasp will poison your perspective. Physical pain and exhaustion, deep thoughts turn dark and overwhelm every situation. I have struggled with depression my entire life. The severity of the situation fluctuating at it’s own will. Peaking often at times of stress and crisis, leaving me helpless and hopeless. With strength found in the support from my family and friends I was able to collect the tools needed to combat the darkness when it lurks about..
By breaking the strong stigma attached to Clinical Depression I hope to encourage others to proactively seek support and treatment. Then they may begin to heal and rekindle their light, writing their personal "happily every after". -Wendy

“Our time in the light is brief, live life to the fullest and shine brightly.”